East Cleveland Court Training and Development

As Judge of the East Cleveland Municipal Court, William L. Dawson has created programs and formed partnerships
that aim to strengthen the community with knowledge and life skills tools. Below is a list of some of the programs
offered by the East Cleveland Municipal Court.

Cycle Breaker Talks
This is a monthly growth and empowerment series that will feature Judge Dawson and other groups,
organizations and speakers.

Cycle Breaker Probation Program
This is a specialized probation program aimed at providing guidance, structure, life skills and tools for growth.
There is course material, meetings and activities along with consequences.

Finish First
The Finish First Program is a 4 session course instructing participants on avoiding negative interaction with the
legal system.
The session is every Monday @ 5:30pm in the Courtroom, open to the public.

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence is a key to reaching our maximum potential and success. This Court provides the
introduction into this world of self control, self regulation and self promotion.

Read, Write & Speak
Judge Dawson assigns each participant a book to read. After reading they must write a book report and give an
oral report in Court.

Lemons to Lemonade Women’s Empowerment Group
This program is Court ordered twice a month and offered to the community on the monthly basis. Designed as a
women’s empowerment and enrichment seminar L2L is changing lives.

A community initiative that gives the community a chance to help East Cleveland keep the city clean by
volunteering to take responsibility for a specific street or park.

Couples Relationship ER
Judge Dawson and the East Cleveland Court recognizes that many people are in damaging relationships. This
program is aimed at offenders in the Court who must attend the session with his/her mate before any resolution of
their criminal case. Participants receive basic skills to improve their communication and dispute resolution abilities.

Victims Group
Understanding the Domestic Violence cuts deep, the victims group provides support, education and alternatives
for those affected by Domestic Violence.

Batterers Program
The Batterers program speaks directly to the abuser. Assessments are conducted so the instruction and counseling
can be tailor fitted to the offender.

Anger Management
Anger is one of the driving forces of destructive and criminal behavior. This groups provides the skills to
properly deal with and overcome anger.

Drug Court
The East Cleveland Court is in a partnership with the Cleveland Court’s Drug Court program to provide the
treatment and structure necessary to help addicted offenders eliminate drugs from their life.

Court Community Service

Weekly Empowerment Article in the Cleveland Call and Post Newspaper
Senior Snow Removal - For East Cleveland Senior Citizens.
Judge Dawson’s Beautiful You - Free Salon Day for Selected Seniors.


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